The Truth About CBD: New Perspective on Which Method Works Best for Cannabidiol

A lot of concern is silently brewing in professional circles about what the best delivery mechanisms are for Cannabidiol (CBD). A handful of manufacturers and testing laboratories have built what will soon be called the true foundation of this amazing anti-inflammatory called CBD. In recent studies, CBD is also shown to help calm and restore mental health as it brings chronic conditions, often times, back within manageable levels.

In a new Press Release: GelStat Corporation Signs Binding Definitive Agreement to Acquire Mastix Medica, LLC, the Acquisition is Expected to Add $2.0 Million in Revenue for GelStat in the 2nd Half of 2014. Mastix Medica has produced numerous top-line products and has formulated a chewing gum product with industrial hemp oil which is rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), and also produces ArisiTol, a newly formulated lozenge with hemp oil.

Mastix Medica director Robert Estey said, “I am delighted to become part of the GelStat [management] team. The combination of their leading scientific advisors and marketing team with our unique, proprietary manufacturing processes makes us a vertically integrated one-stop shop for product innovation from concept through manufacturing, clinical validation and marketing. Furthermore, Larry’s deep knowledge of the CBD market and vast industry connections worldwide have already opened up significant opportunities in this rapidly growing market.”

In reaching out to Senator Tom Davis this past March, TwinFalls Biotech CEO David Mouser spoke with Senator Davis about their action plan on CBD and some of the benefits of ArisiTol among other CBD products currently at market. When asked, Senator Davis said “Twin Falls Biotech, LLC introduced its first CBD product, Arisi-Tol designed for relief of Arthritis symptoms. The product began distribution in April after fourteen months of formulation and company organization. Twin Falls has been fortunate to favorably be recognized as an emerging leader in CBD products in our state. “

TwinFalls is the first South Carolina Corporation (business) to formulate and distribute CBD, and has had a great launch with the first CBD product. ArisiTol is the first dietary supplement product placed under FDA regulatory guidelines in the emerging CBD product world, and according to the FAQ section, their product is specially derived from Industrial Hemp (not the kind that people smoke), and a prescription is NOT needed to use the product. ArisiTol is one of a very select handful of products that help people truly in need of the unique power and relief that CBD Cannabidiol can deliver without the THC and allows everyone access to this amazing product, regardless of the Medical Marijuana Laws in their state.

Formulating CBD in a cream mixture and manufacturing sprays, diluting hemp oil, tinctures, drops, extracts, topics, etc., does not begin to compare to infusing consistently controlled medications delivered in gum tablets and lozenges via buccal/sublingual mucosa.

Another company recently released an oral spray. Nabiximols (trade name Sativex) is a patented cannabinoid mouth spray developed by GW Pharmaceuticals for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, who can use it to alleviate neuropathic pain , spasticity, overactive bladder, and other symptoms. Nabiximols is also being developed in Phase III trials as a potential treatment to alleviate pain due to cancer. It has also been researched in various models of peripheral and central neuropathic pain.

Nabiximols is made with two unknown Cannabis strains , and is extracted with ethanol and carbon dioxide. GW Pharma concluded, by Ingesting cannabinoids, it subjects them to the hepatic 1st pass degradation caused by the liver.

However, this delivery method reduces the bioavailability of the active constituents, rendering them less potent to the body. While GW Pharma chose a spray as their device to avoid degradation by the liver; Twin Falls has chosen the lozenge/chewable tablet method. The ArisiTol device delivers the active for as long as possible to the mucosal surface. Similarly, the GW Pharma device sprays into the mouth and is absorbed by the buccal/sublingual mucosa; but the spray is not resident in the mouth for a long period and was not found to be the most efficient method vs. other methods in lab tests.

Walter Reed Medical Army Institute of Research conducted a study labeled Caffeinated Gum Maintains Vigilance, Marksmanship, And Pvt Performance During A 55 Hour Field Trial , which showed that delivering actives using chewing gum as the delivery device is fast and efficient. They tested the caffeine gum for use in the military where fast onset of action and effectiveness was paramount. Twin Falls Biotech spent many hours with the lead researcher understanding chewing gum delivery. Our conclusion is that the pressure from the mastication (chewing) of the gum creates pressure that helps force the active through the buccal mucosa slightly faster than the traditional lozenge/chewable tablet.

While this may enjoy a slight edge over lozenge/chewable tablet method, chewing gum is not an acceptable delivery method favorable to the 45+ and older markets with dental appliances. Furthermore, some would say that educating the public to receive dietary supplements in chewing gum, in addition to establishing a regimen to “chew gum every morning or evening to medicate” is not a USER FRIENDLY method of deliver vs. the everyday process of a lozenge/chewable tablet.

The delivery of spray, drops and gum was abandoned in the development of ArisiTol CBD lozenge/chewable tablets, to take advantage of the everyday already acceptable delivery regiments remaining, namely capsules and lozenge/chewable tablets. Since capsules are direct to the stomach and are further diluted in the liver process, the inhalation nasal method and buccal cavity remains the #1 delivery method for ArisiTol CBD and Twin Falls Biotech related products.

Twin Falls concluded that the nasal method was not as acceptable in a spray vs. lozenge/chewable tablet. ArisiTol is currently positioned to open up a new segment in the CBD market, particularly among adults over 40 with various forms of arthritis or pain, and Millennials who are extremely active, and looking for an easy to take supplement. ArisiTol is more professional in appearance, lab tested, certified and clearly labeled, and it has no unnecessary ingredients or hidden pharmaceuticals. Studies show that today’s youth are very passionate about natural ingredients, avoiding GMO’s and mass-sharing of information across the modern nexus of information available in the standard iPhone or Android device.

Certainly the future of the CBD Health industry will rely on meeting these foundational principles, oversight and cooperation are every bit as important as delivering the amazing power that products like ArisiTol can offer. The good news: anyone can get the power of CBD regardless of the MMJ laws in their state – ArisiTol already fills that gap.